Lexus LX Maintenance Schedule

Congratulations on your purchase of a Lexus LX! We know that you'll create countless memories as you travel around Lubbock, Amarillo, and Midland, TX. To ensure these travels continue indefinitely, you must stay on top of your SUV's maintenance needs.

To help, the team at Cavender Lexus of Lubbock has crafted this Lexus LX maintenance schedule guide. Read on to see what service is needed when!

Why Is Routine Maintenance Needed?

The same way you need to visit the doctor annually for checkups, similarly does your Lexus LX. The biggest difference is that, unlike when you visit the doctor each year, the service appointments of your Lexus are determined by month and mile intervals.

Routine maintenance gives our technicians the opportunity to determine a baseline health for your vehicle. This baseline is used to monitor your vehicle and check for early signs that a part may need replacing.

Routine maintenance is also needed to ensure your vehicle is functioning in a safe manner for you, your passengers, and other drivers.

The Lexus LX Maintenance Schedule

Your Lexus LX needs different types of services at various intervals. Let's take a look at some of these intervals with this list:

6 Months/5,000 Miles

It's never too early to get a jump-start on vehicle maintenance. Once your vehicle reaches six months old or has 5,000 miles on the odometer, it's time for the first service appointment. Key service needs at this time include:

  • Tire rotation
  • Inspection of brake system
  • Adjustment of all fluids
  • Program of Lexus Personalized Settings

A road test is also performed at this interval.

New Lexus models come with complimentary service, which covers this service appointment.

12 Months/10,000 Miles

At 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first, it's time for the next Lexus LX service appointment. At this time, the following services are provided:

  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Inspection of brake system
  • Road test

Engine oil plays an important role in your commute. It's responsible for keeping parts lubricated and preventing engine overheating among other responsibilities.

New Lexus models come with complimentary service, which covers this service appointment.

18 Months/15,000 Miles

When your vehicle reaches 18 months or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first, the above services are performed in addition to inspections of these structure components:

  • Axle shaft boots
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Steering linkage

At this time, the air conditioner filter is also cleaned to ensure proper airflow.

36 Months/30,000 Miles

In addition to the above services, the following service is what your vehicle needs at the 36-month/30,000-mile mark:

  • Replacement of brake fluid
  • Inspection of engine coolant
  • Replacement of engine air filter
  • Inspection of transmission fluid

The technician will also thoroughly inspect the brake rotors for thickness and shape at this time.

Other Service Intervals

If your vehicle is approaching an interval not listed, we recommend reviewing your owner's manual for maintenance schedule instructions. You can also contact our service center directly for information on when the next service interval is.

Schedule a Service Appointment With Our Team

Is your Lexus LX approaching a service interval outlined in our Lexus LX maintenance schedule guide? Then contact the team at Cavender Lexus of Lubbock. Our highly skilled technicians will use their knowledge and expertise to quickly provide the service your SUV needs.

As a result, you'll get back to cruising around Lubbock, Amarillo, and Midland, Texas, in no time.

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