Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor Reset

Taking on corners, accelerating down open stretches, and rolling up to local hotspots in style, are all ways that you can enjoy your Lexus vehicle and its fine-tuned performance. Your engine, transmission, drivetrain, and more, all work together to provide you with an exhilarating experience that you'll love with each and every trip. Part of what helps keep you safe and driving smoothly is your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS); it's important that it functions properly.

The Lexus TPMS helps make your vehicle perform at its peak, and we can make sure it's doing its job as intended. If you need a Lexus tire pressure sensor reset for your model, our service experts are here to help. Before heading out around Lubbock, Amarillo, and Midland, Texas, be sure you visit us at the Cavender Lexus of Lubbock service department!

About Tire Pressure

They say you should always invest in what separates you from the ground: mattress, shoes, and tires. Tires allow you to transfer the energy from your engine to your wheels and get moving. Properly inflating your tires is an important part of having them perform at their best.

Air pressure in your tire is measured by a unit called pound(s) per square inch (PSI). On average, tires lose about one PSI each month. You can tell when a tire is underinflated when it spreads out on the bottom due to the weight of the car, while properly inflated tires maintain a round shape throughout.

The Importance of Optimal PSI

Tires at optimal pressure benefit your Lexus vehicle in many ways. First, having all four tires at the recommended PSI means you can have optimal grip and performance when you drive. It helps prevent hydroplaning on puddles and keep a firm grasp of the road.

Properly inflated tires also improve your fuel economy. When the tires are working as intended, your engine uses less fuel to give you the performance you need.

Finally, proper inflation ensures that your tires wear their treads evenly. When tires wear down at different rates due to improper PSI, it means you'll need replacements more often. Proper tire inflation is good for both your Lexus vehicle's health and your wallet.

Your Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor

The TPMS in your Lexus model works in the background every time you start the engine. It senses the air pressure inside each tire to ensure they are performing properly. When it senses a decrease in pressure within any of the tires, you'll receive a notice on your dashboard.

This light on the dashboard likely means one of your tires has lost pressure. However, there's a chance the system is malfunctioning if all four of your tires are truly inflated properly. In this event, our certified Lexus technicians will examine the system for a reset. By resetting the TPMS, you'll be ready to drive confidently knowing your tires are properly inflated.

Get a Lexus Tire Pressure Reset Today

Need a quick reset before your next road trip near Lubbock, Amarillo, and Midland, TX? Contact the service center at Cavender Lexus of Lubbock and schedule an appointment today!

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